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  • More Color Per Drop
  • Jetrion 4000 and Jetrion 4830 Compatible
  • New Customer Incentives & Discounts
  • Opaque White


Arrow UV LED inks for Xeikon Jetrion label printing systems are formulated for ease of operation in the commercial printing environment. Our inks are manufactured & tested specifically for the 4000 and 4830 series and offer improved ink performance at a lower cost than OEM ink products. Formulated for high-volume narrow and wide digital press for labels, barcodes, and marketing text and images, Arrow’s Xeikon inks deliver optimal color, curing, drying, consistent jetting, and no nozzle blocking. Arrow also provides premium lint-free wipes, parts, services and much more.

Used world-wide customers are incredibly pleased with the performance and the PRICE! Make the switch like so many print manufacturers have, ask about our customer testimonials, and inquire about your Free Sample and No Hassle Changeover Today.

The inks have performed as good as or better than the OEM ink, fantastic color, no nozzle blocking, great curing.
Used world-wide customers are very pleased with the performance, customer service, and fair pricing. Make the switch like so many print manufacturers have, ask about our customer testimonials and inquire about your Free Sample and No Hassle Changeover Today.
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