Does Arrow Inks Work for the Manufacturers?

Arrow Inks is not associated with the printer manufacturers. Arrow Inks supplies, inventories and formulates UV and LED inks that are compatible with several manufacturer and printer models. Our inks are formulated based on years of experience working with these machines and are designed and certified to be reliable and perform at or above required standards for all systems.

Why Should I Choose Arrow Inks & Supplies?

Performance and Price. Our customers are very satisfied and long-time users of Arrow Inks compatible replacement inks on their various printers. Arrow’s business model allows for favorable pricing on inks and supplies. We offer free samples and customer references so you can be sure the decision to switch is properly tested and qualified.

Which Printer Models Can Arrow Inks Supply compatible replacements?

While Arrow is not affiliated with the printer manufacturers noted within we do supply compatible replacement inks for use in these printer models and many others.

  • Atlantic Zeiser
    • Omega 36
    • Omega 72
    • Cardline Versa
  • Buskro
    • Atlas
    • Atom
    • Aurora
    • Quantum
  • Domino
    • K100
    • K150
    • K200
    • K600
  • DPI
    • Hawk 400
    • Hawk 600
    • Hawk M6K
  • Graph-Tech
    • GT-64
    • GT-72
    • SG-256
    • GT-108 Raptor
  • Kirk Rudy
    • Phoenix
    • Ultra V21
    • WaveJet
  • MCS
    • Eagle





Does Arrow Inks Offer Parts & Service?

Yes, Arrow maintains a deep inventory of parts and equipment for many major systems. Please visit our parts section to see current inventory or contact us for custom requests.

Can Arrow Formulate a Custom Ink for My Needs?

Yes. Please contact us to discuss your needs. Arrow is able to locate and formulate inks to meet color requirements and solve technical challenges.

Does Arrow Inks Ship to International Markets?

Arrow Inks is able to ship across the world and has a global customer base, including in South America, Asia, Africa and Europe. Arrow is familiar with international compliance, shipping and regulatory items and can guarantee delivery of your order in any market.

Does Arrow Inks Offer Free Samples?

Yes. Please contact us to discuss your needs and free samples to address your challenges will be provided.

When Will My Order Ship?

Most order ship the same day they are received. Arrow maintains a deep inventory of inks and supplies and is able to fulfill nearly all orders immediately rather than relying on 3rd party distributors and logistics.

Does Arrow Offer Expedited Delivery?

Yes. Arrow is able to offer expedited shipping, including next-day, air freight and same-day in select markets.

What Payment Methods Does Arrow Inks Accept?

Arrow Inks accepts payment via check, money order, COD, wire transfer, VISA, Mastercard, American Express & Discover credit cards. Arrow also extends buying terms to credit-qualified customers.

Does Arrow Inks Products & Inks Meet Compliance Standards?

Arrow Inks are in health and environmental compliance with REACH, Prop 65, CPSIA and other regulatory bodies.

Are Arrow Inks Product & Inks Hazardous?

All of Arrow Inks products and inks are non-hazardous for the purpose of shipping and fulfillment.