Digital Ink Printer Lint-Free Wipes & Best Practices

Lint Free Printer Wipes for Digital Inkjet Printers

Printing with high speed digital printers offers the print producer unique flexibility and many application advantages over traditional printing methods. However, digital printers are more delicate and very expensive so proper care and use in protecting the miniscule print nozzles from dirt, debris, adhesives, and cured ink cannot be understated. The digital printer MUST HAVE a clean lint-free work space. The proper use of Arrow Lint-Free Printer Wipes will help protect your investment in digital inkjet printers.

How to properly wipe a printer:

Fold the wipe in half and hold the wipe from the ends then carefully wipe the inkjet while pulling up lightly against the printing plate. Proceed to wipe the entire inkjet printing plate.

Wipe in one direction only.

Using a new wipe, repeat the process until the wipe is clean and residue free.

Other uses for lint free printer wipes:

Always use lint free printer wipes to clean the printer capping plate.

Lint-free printer wipes are used to clean all equipment and upstream processes. Including areas that might come in contact or pass beneath the digital inkjet printer.

Other Considerations:

Never use a lint free printer wipe for more than one use, multiple uses of the wiper can reintroduce debris and cause printer expensive damage.

Lint free printer wipes should be stored in a bag or closed container to prevent dust and other debris from collecting on the wipes. Arrow Inks come packaged with smaller inner bags to provide additional security from such environment hazards.

Arrow Inks provides lint-free printhead wipes in various sizes at industry best prices. Contact us today for more information at: