Is Your Printer Tying you down?

Consumables Tying

Buyer Beware – Is your new printer “tying” you down?

Ink Tying RFID Security – Be aware that some printer manufacturers have decided to “tie” the ink to the printer with RFID verification so no other product can be used. Regardless of the ink effectiveness, availability, or price some new printers limit your options to shop for superior solutions. This is a response to the superior solutions and fair market pricing bringing more options to the market. As we all know, no one print supplier can meet all your supply requirements.  Successful companies, like yours, need to keep options open to stay versatile and competitive. Not all printer manufacturers are going this route – make sure you find out first so your competitors wont have the upper hand in new and affordable ink solutions for your demanding substrates. When it’s time to consider that next printer, make inks a bigger part of the consideration. After all, your ink investment over time is much more substantial than the printer itself.

Below are just a few things to consider:

  • Did they tell you? During the sales pitch some companies are not up front about this tactic. Find out if your consumables will be restricted before buying.
  • Will they remove this requirement and sell the printer without tying the consumables allowing their ink products to compete fairly for your business?
  • Once the consumables are tied up, you are a low priority with little leverage.
  • If your printer manufacturer has an inventory hiccup and runs out of ink, you are out of options – alternative ink suppliers are no longer a luxury for that printer.
  • Need a new solution to meet changing industry requirements? Don’t expect your supplier to be motivated to adapt when ink sales for tied products are just fine.
  • Defective RFID labels and chips can render that expensive bottle of ink useless. 
  • Stagnant Solutions, Rising Prices, More Risk, Less CHOICE – Don’t get Tied.