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Arrow UV lED Replacement Inks for Buskro printers

Arrow inks Barcode SolutionsArrow Inks for Barcode Applications

Arrow Inks for Buskro UV LED inkjet printers are formulated for ease of operation in the commercial printing environment. Manufactured with the tightest specification for color and adhesion with long nozzle open times and fast print cure. Low odor and curable with traditional UV and LED curing lamps commonly used on Mailing and Card Personalization platforms. Arrow and its founders have provided Drop on Demand Inkjet solutions for decades. Arrow also provides premium lint-free wipes, magnetic developer, and parts.

Used world-wide customers are very pleased with the performance and the PRICE! Make the switch like so many print manufacturers have, inquire about our customer testimonials and your Free Sample and No Hassle Changeover Today at

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